• The Holidays and Beyond

    Posted by James Farrand

    New Things In the Works.

    Believe it or not its been close to a year since I first opened this store, and things have been pretty decent for me on the patch front. I have been slowly thinking about expanding to some other cool items to carry in my shop based on things customers ask for or things I would just like to do in general. What kind of products you ask? We'll if I told you id have to kill you. Just know that like always, everything is limited edition. So whatever I make, once its gone, its gone. You may see a revision run on some things but never the same thing twice.

    Something else I've been working on for the past couple months is slightly rebranding Detroit Patch Co. as a whole. The existing branding works, I just think it could be a little better, so I am spending some time to rethink, recolor, and re visualize where I see it should be for at least the next year or two.

    I guess that goes with the saying, Always reinvent yourself.

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  • How Can Everything Be Limited Edition?

    Posted by James Farrand

    Because it Can.

    I run everything limited edition because variety is the spice of life.

    Running new color ways for patches and probably pins isn't just a way to milk money out of a design (despite opinion). Its a little more complicated than that. Some people like a design they just don't like the color and a good way to allow everyone to enjoy it is to run a certain product in a new color. Collectors also enjoy this because it allows them to collect everything in a series. I call them variations. 

    If I run a handkerchief in gray print and its super popular, the money made on it allows me to run it in a couple new colors. Its a very circular process. The gray variant is still limited edition. You will not find gray ones in the store again if you missed it, but gold is still available and you can own it. Same design, different color. Think spider-man comic book covers.

    Also, because I get bored.

    I can spend less time restocking items and more time creating new ones. Lets face it, I get bored easy. I think of something I would like to make into a product and I put my money there, rather then in restocking an item that could sit there for a bit. I don't tie up the stores money, and I get to make new exciting things. Its a win win.

    The beauty of the unknown.

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  • Indiana Jones Sticker Packs

    Posted by James Farrand

    Indiana Jones Sticker Packs Available

    We've had a lot of requests to turn our Indiana Jones artworks used in the patch creation into sticker packs so now they are available for $5.99 with free shipping. These are very similar in size and construction as the DPC sticker pack which includes lot of stickers of some of our best patches. Look for more of these in the future including some sticker only exclusives.

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  • Delay of the Grails

    Posted by James Farrand

    Can't Win All The Time.

    Today I planned on putting up the Indiana Jones Artifact Holy Grails today, and found out that my site was down. Not only was my site down, Shopify, Paypal, and a million other sites were down as well. Today there were some DDoS attacks on the East Coast of the United States, which has forced me to postpone the release of these products until Saturday October 22nd at 7:30pm.

    USA Today has a report on the attacks. My aplogies if you were hoping to grab these fine products tonight. I hope you understand and visit us tomorrow.

    Fortune and Glory


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