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The Holidays and Beyond

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New Things In the Works.

Believe it or not its been close to a year since I first opened this store, and things have been pretty decent for me on the patch front. I have been slowly thinking about expanding to some other cool items to carry in my shop based on things customers ask for or things I would just like to do in general. What kind of products you ask? We'll if I told you id have to kill you. Just know that like always, everything is limited edition. So whatever I make, once its gone, its gone. You may see a revision run on some things but never the same thing twice.

Something else I've been working on for the past couple months is slightly rebranding Detroit Patch Co. as a whole. The existing branding works, I just think it could be a little better, so I am spending some time to rethink, recolor, and re visualize where I see it should be for at least the next year or two.

I guess that goes with the saying, Always reinvent yourself.

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