It's ok to die, just don't quit ~ Chuck Tippett

About The The Detroit Patch Company

I Hate Writing These

It just feels like I am trying to write a resume and applying for a job. I already work. This store and my projects are just an outlet for me to hang out. I am very passionate about pop culture, The 80's, Secret Societies and the Occult. I have an art background. I've done work for big names and little names. 

I often get asked if I actually collect what I make. The answer is yes. I am quite addicted to patches, pins, stickers, memorabilia, reproductions, you name it I probably have owned it or thought about buying it. 

Everything on this website is limited run, which means that once its out of stock it will never be available again. In some circumstances a version (or variant) will be available, but never exactly the same as the first run. In the downtime I try to improve upon everything I make (a little more detail here.. more color there) maybe even an entirely different colorway. 

Remind me to finish this later.