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Artifact Series - Headpiece of Ra Pin
$ 12.00

Artifact Series - Headpiece of Ra Pin

3D Pin with embedded Jewel. 

Measures 1 inch in diameter with Luxury clasp and includes PVC clutch as well.

What exactly is a headpiece to the Staff of Ra?
Well, the staff is just a stick. I don't know, about this big. Nobody really knows for sure how high. And it's...
it's, uh... it's capped with an elaborate headpiece in the shape of the sun with a crystal in the center. And what you did was, you take the staff to a special room in Tanis, a map room with a miniature of the city all laid out on the floor. And if you put the staff in a certain place at a certain time of day, the sun shone through here and made beam that came down on the floor here... and gave you the exact location of the Well of the Souls.

Released March 10th 2017

Limited Release of 100